I’m happy to talk shop over coffee or a cocktail anytime — please don’t hesitate to ask.

If we do decide to work together more formally, here are a few of the services I tend to help with.

  • company positioning

  • business & revenue model development

  • internal operations & process creation & optimization

  • sales operations

  • messaging

  • brand strategy & identity

  • marketing strategy

  • event marketing

  • collateral creation

  • Content creation

  • social media / PR

Pricing varies by project and engagement type. I’ll do my best to work within your processes and budget.


Find yourself struggling with social media? Word processing? Apps or other things you know would make your life easier if you could just figure them out? Tech talk through rosé colored glasses are classes that explore lessons every parent, Boomer and GenXer who wants to know - but is too afraid -or doesn't know how- to Google. With customized lesson plans determined by you for you before class, you crew of 4-6 will enjoy a wine and cheese social set against an entertaining, educational, keep up with the kiddos backdrop. 

These sessions are meant to be fun, informative, and targeted so that you can learn whatever you've always wondered in the buzzed comfort of your own home.

Pricing varies by subject matter, group size, and location.

Drop me a line, anytime.