5 Things NOT to Do at SXSW

As a SXSW virgin, I knew I’d be in for a learning experience. Here are my top 5 things NOT to do to survive and thrive at Southby.. and also to not look like this is your first rodeo. Without further delay, DON’T:

1.  Decide to give up alcohol or coffee Lent. This would be detrimental to both your fun and function levels. Don’t even think about it. After all, who networks over bottled water? 1329941069826_8092641

2. Wear heels at Stubbs. This will only be funny to those of you who knows what Stubbs is. For those of you who don’t, I’ll enlighten you. It’s a massive open-air concert venue/BBQ place with uneven dirt ground and no dress code. I wore wedges and looked like a dumb chick from LA. Don’t do it.

3. Get Naked on 6th Street. No one wants to play that “I can’t look but I can’t-not look” game with you pal. Save us the temptation..and subsequent grimace. 0bccfdf26d5511e1a87612313804ec91_7

4. Go to Screenburn. Just don’t. Things get weird over there. Screen shot 2012-03-23 at 4.52.20 PM

5. Get too rowdy. I mean do… but make sure you can rally and recuperate in order to do it all over again… and again…My routine worked like a charm so if yours does too, stick with it. 031512_sxsw_big

6. NOT Take Emergen-C before bed…. or in your vodka drink. Seriously, it works. photo

The Jonathan behind Jonathan's card

By Nicole Fletcher, live from SXSW Screen shot 2012-03-13 at 8.42.39 AM


The Jonathan behind the Starbucks card phenomenon talks about his pay it forward Starbucks card concept.

While he started out driving the bus of what became an overnight viral concept, he ended up- to his horrified dismay- strapped to the front of it. Viral by nature, this no rules no system concept took off like wildfire. Give a coffee, take a coffee- pretty simple concept right? Well simplicity seems to be key with American web consumers. With his lack of organization though, came mayhem and a ton of bad press. He set the record straight though in his sxsw talk .

"it was like playing a game with no rules but somehow we knew we were cheating"

He went on to talk about the launch of google wallet and the future of mobile payments. He expected to get a ton of backlash with respect to security issues but shockingly, of the $20k transactions the card saw in just a few days, only one person reached out regarding this issue. He says the future of mobile payment is bright and anonymous payment , aka cash, is dead and dying. Pretty interesting concept actually as I never thought of cash as anonymous but it really is...

He launched another card at SXSW - you know - techies gotta have their coffee too and hopes for similar results with less hulabaloo of course.

That's it in a nut shell and I really hope this social good , simple payI it forward concept kicks into high gear and we continue to use the web for good... Despite road blocks the do gooders face.

In happiness and paying it forward.