4.1 | Intention + Playlist


Structure. Foundation. Stability.

If you know me personally, you might not be surprised to hear that structure is not something I ever imagined needing help with or more of. I’ve always been pretty regimented. I used to go to the same workout classes each week, I always did my homework before watching TV, I cleaned up before winding down for the night, the list goes on. With time though, comes change and I’m finding it harder to figure out what to do first, when, why, etc. And the result - well, sometimes looks like not a heck of a lot.

I work from home for an east coast software company and do my best to work the hours that best fit into their day. That means I’m up and at it early - often in my pjs for longer than socially acceptable. I meet regularly with my team and with customers and time block my days according to the goals I set and deadlines I impose for myself and for my team. Work wise, I’m pretty structured - to the point that a growing start up can be anyway. It is for that reason though, that I surprised myself by feeling out of control or that simple decisions felt harder than they should be in other parts of my life.

My best friend sent me an article about Millennial Burnout (highly recommend) and it got me thinking. Why are such simple tasks, so hard? At near 32, I’m encouraged to me more mindful, thoughtful, and intentional with my time, my family, where I want to go professionally, and what I want to learn and move toward personally. I have no lack of ideas or even visualizations of how those ideas might become realities - but still, it feels like there’s something in my way. Is it that with discomfort and new endeavors, time and progress feel slow? Is it that I’m putting off or doddling around the deep focus required to execute on any of these ideas I have? Why. Do. I. Feel. Scattered. Whatever the reason, the lack of feet on the ground feeling I apparently have been taking for granted is not my favorite.

Now, I’m not here to offer a perfect solution. Everyone struggles with this stuff. And different things work for everyone. But it seems to me, that if I can identify this feeling and issue… I should give a solution the time it deserves. So, when planning my new class this weekend, I decided to revisit the basics.

I’ve always liked the Chakras. I love when teachers weave their themes around them, what they mean, what color they emanate, what body parts and emotions they impact. They usually appear in vinyasa flows more than sculpt classes but I figure… why? So, as a first stab at putting some structure into play - this time around my teaching practice- I decided to start from the bottom of the 7 Chakras and see where it led me. Low and behold - the first and foundational Chakra is, you guessed it, Root. The Root Chakra is best known for safety, security, and stability. When out of balance the root chakra brings scattered energy, anxiety, and fear. It is located at the base of the spine and emanates a red color.


Well that about sums it up.

The intention of the flow' I’m putting into the world this week is to focus on your foundation. Keep it simple. Prioritize. Refocus. Be grateful. Put things in perspective. Breathe deep. Visualize a deep red hovering thick around your body. Intentionally work on planting all four corners of both of your feet down. Did you just forget? Revisit your foundation. Set it up for success. Let those feet that hold you all day support your legs, your pelvis, your core, up through your upper body and head. Pull your shoulders back where they are supposed to be. Breathe in new fresh energy and focus and get rid of the scattered, unfocused potential of whatever it is that has you in a tizzy. The Root Chakra supports you and when it is in balance, you set yourself up to focus, to think, to stand tall and to figure out what it is you want to do. And then you do it.

Here’s a playlist to remind you.

What am I doing this week aside telling you to focus on your Root? I’m starting something called the 5 Minute Journal that my other best friend gave to me recently. The log line is “The simplest way to start your day happy.” It’s structured to put things in perspective, to help prioritize, and to guide your neural pathways to support you in accomplishing your goals. I’ll let you know how it goes.


3.18 | Intention + Playlist


Hello all.

Back at it this week with an updated intention and fun playlist. This week consider the following:

  • To recap: Breathe in all the things that bring you joy, all the things that serve you - as we talked about last time. Hold your breath. Breathe in a bit more air - puff up your lungs more than you think you can.

  • You have no more space. So, identify something, one thing or two, that no longer serves you. And breathe it out. Let it go.

    • My Aunt executes this strategy in a less yogic way that I’ll take the opportunity to share now. She puts her troubles, fears, people she’s not getting along with, etc in what she calls “God Bags”. God Bags live in the freezer. You are not allowed to think, worry, or fret about any of the contents of your God Bag unless you are holding it in your hand. If one of the bags’ contents crosses your mind (say in the middle of the night), you have to get up out of your nice warm bed - and go get it. After a few nights of doing this, you stop thinking about it. Trust me/her. Moving on.

  • That thing is no longer part of you. It is in the past. You are the sum of your current parts - more positive and self serving than you were a moment ago. Hold onto this. Focus on this feeling. Keep it with you until the end of your day. And through tomorrow. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  • Moving on.

  • How can you highlight the things that bring you joy - the things that serve you - and bring them to the forefront of your daily life? What kind of practices or routines can you put into place to make space for them? There will forever be the to do list. But. What the life you ultimately want to lead will only become a reality with focus and intention. Be mindful. Get there. Push through. Revisit what you breathed in, ignore what you left behind, and make space for what is to come.

3.1 | Intention + Playlist


It has been a minute fare blog readers - if any of you are still out there. Too much has happened for a recap - more on how we’ll address that later.

As some may know, I’ve been teaching yoga for a while now and since moving back to San Diego last March, now teach a few classes at Corepower.

What does this have to do with the neglected blog, you ask?

I set intentions weekly for myself and for my classes. I try to make them tangible, inspiring, fun, build on one another, be random - you get the idea. My students get to hear those intentions, connect with them, or not, and hear the music I throw at them weekly. Some of them have asked for links to playlists or have shared that the intention really resonated with them in some way. So I figured, why not challenge myself to put those intentions to words and put them to bed alongside the playlists they bunk with? So this is that. They may not be weekly, they may not live on this blog forever (more on that later too) but here’s to holding myself accountable, to hopefully drawing clearer lines from intention to intention, from class to class, and to hopefully someone outside the walls of the studio being inspired in some way. And to that we say, the mandatory, Namaste.

March 2019 | Intention

The subtle art of not giving a F. Care less about the stimuli around you. Care more about yourself from the inside. What makes you breathe freely? What makes you happy? What makes you tick?

Breath in all of those things. Make them take up space inside your body. Let something that no longer fits go. Breathe out that thing that no longer serves you.

How do you know what that thing is? In your mind’s eye, hold the people, things, feelings that make up the fabric of your life. Marie Kondo the s*** out of each one. Do they bring you joy? Pain? Stress? There are plenty of obligations that plague our daily lives - but there are even more unnecessary stressors we invite into our lives by choice shrouded by a feigned sense of requirement. Breath all the thing you have kept in - hold that breath at the top - find that thing you no longer need - and breath it out. Let. it. Go.

Channel that inner Elsa girl and get it gone.

First listen to Frozen, then jam on this.