You Know You're 29 When...

I've been 29 for a while now and - pause for calming breath - so far, the panic attacks have been kept to a minimum. As the last few moments of my societally defined youth tick quickly by, I got to thinking about how different this odd life period is from the previous a few short years ago. I can't pinpoint the exact moment when fireball shots and 2am dance parties morphed into Netflix binges and double digit dollar'd wine bottles. You'd think I'd remember such a drastic moment. Alas, here I am, sipping a fancy zin, aggressively pinning copper hexagon decor to my wedding palette pinboard, booking an 8am weekend morning workout - wondering how I got here. In honor of the countdown to 30 and my bewilderment of the passing of time, I thought I'd throw together a little listcicle. Now, I know not all of these will apply to everyone... but surely a few (especially if you're wedding planning) will resonate.

You know you're 29 when...

- You have to drink 2 liters of water daily just to feel normal.

- Food hangovers are real. Cost benefit analysis says no.

- You know what chiavari chairs are and care intimately about them.

-$15-$25 dollar bottles of wine. Only. 2 buck chuck, you're dead to me.

- Sleeping in? HA. Only when sober... when we wake up to be "productive".

- You're intimately familiar with every 'clean eating' trend - and have tried each one at least for 2.5 days.

- 2 beers feel like 6 in the morning. YUP.

- Doing new things is crack. A signature cocktail at a hot new bar, doing a hike before everyone knows about it, or crushing an Instagrammable craft = pure life validation.

- You know things about pregnancy you never thought you would...because your preg friends talk about actually nothing else.

- Deciding how much of your life you can - or should - DIY is a constant struggle.

- 24 year olds say new 'it' words... and you don't know what they mean.

- When a hot 22 year old young gives you the eyes...and you don't quite know what to say. But instead, you flash your ring and look awkwardly into the depths of your cocktail.

- Things don't always work like they used to... But it's ok because, sleep...and marriage.

There are some tough moments here in the land of late 20s...

Wedding planning is a manic battle, life's way more real, and sometimes there just aren't enough pinning hours in the day.

But worry not. Birthdays are rad.

And so too will our 30s.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for WINE-CREAM.

The sky has fallen, fat ladies are singin' a slurry tune, pigs are flying everywhere - the wonderful world in which we live just invented, you guessed it, wine ice cream - aka wine cream. It's not just wine flavored ice cream - that would be unnecessary and potentially gross - it's 5% alcohol ice cream in the following delightful flavors: Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Port, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Riesling & Spice (the recently launched holiday flavor). The branding is clean, cute and something I sure as hell can get behind.

This 60 year old gem of an ice cream shop became a 100% female run business out of upstate New York in early 2013 - and well, women everywhere (with access to wine cream) are stoked on it.

Join the other some 11k fans on Facebook for updates galore. I'm still a smidge unclear on their ability to ship though their Facebook comments seem to suggest they do. I suppose shipping - on dry ice - may be expensive though so stay tuned on developments of that nature.

In the mean time, peruse cute pics below and imagine the wonder that will come from wine cream drunk.



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Dear San Francisco, I now live in you. Love, me. For those of you who don't know, I've very very recently moved to San Francisco from San Diego. Life's changed a lot in the past month and instead of being the terrible blogger I have been recently, I say - here's to new beginnings in colder weather (though it's ironically close to 1 million degrees in the seat I currently inhabit) - let's do this blog thang.

The next few posts will be centered around my observations/experiences in this new fanged city of mine and to appreciate them, a spoonful of context seems necessary. I moved here, to the Mission by the way, without a 'job'. Quotes included there because I moved here without what one might call a traditional job. All I can say is #startuplife called and honey, I answered.

They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone and if moving without a salary or health insurance makes me a little uneasy, we're about 15 end zones past the definition of my parents' worst nightmare. Here nor there, I'm more than stoked on my decision to pursue hopes and dreams no matter how cliche - and if I have to wade through the bogs of discomfort for an obstacle or 12, so be it.

In the mean time though, with a bunch of promising projects on the beautifully foggy horizon, I'd like to present to you #ballinonabudget (naming cred to DaRealZap). It's too soon to tell how this lil socioeconomic experiment is going to flow, but cheers to perpetual beta - and the notion that I'll figure it out as it goes. More to come - gotta whet your palette somehow.

Peace up, atown,



Sometimes the Internet is Awesome.

pizza-party2 Reddit users caught wind of the above SOS message from Hazel Hammerserley, a patient at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles earlier this week. The message read "Send Pizza, Room 4112" during a day of aggressive cancer treatments. What happened next was nothing short of awesome.

Pizza poured into little Hazel's room to the point that her mom had to request a pepperoni ceasefire - the best kind of ceasefire to call.

Needless to say, Hazel was thrilled and her day was brightened in the cheesiest of ways. Well played Internet, well played.



Turns Out Whales Explode, Who Knew?

beached-whale In case you missed the #trending news yesterday, a big ass, 60 ton blue whale has beached itself on the shores of a 600 person town in Newfoundland. Why should I care, you ask, aside from the strange fascination with dead whales everyone has but no one talks about? Well - did you know WHALES EXPLODE once they're did? I sure at sh** didn't.

If you're squeamish... at all... might want to rethink clicking the ol' play button. This stuff is weirdly fascinating though sooooo, take a peeksie to see the top 3 exploding whale shots captured in the last few years.