What Do You Get When You Mix Pentatonix's Little Drummer Boy With Short Wearing Santas: A Killer Parody

In case you missed the viral snowstorm recently, Pentatonix recently came out with their own acapella version of The Little Drummer Boy (yea, that link was a hint hint to watch it if you haven't already). It blew up overnight and I'd be lying if I didn't divulge the fact that I listened to it ... let's just say more than once. I shared that sh*t with all my co Pitch Perfect aficionados (#represent) (#proudofit) and got lost in the magic of their soothing ass voices and hauntingly beautiful harmonies. It wasn't until the <insert unembarassing number here> time watching it that I realized how absolutely ridiculous this video is and that, to agree with the ol Huff Post, it was just begging for a parody.

Thanks to Chubbies - we need beg no more.

From consistent typography and whimsically authentic expressions, to short ass santa shorts set against a picturesque sunlit backdrop and of course the classic beer chug... this is golden. Enjoy.


Maker's Mark - Crushing It Again

As a proud Maker's Mark Brand Ambassador and a fellow advertiser, I feel the need to give sweet advertising credit where sweet advertising credit is due. The brilliant folks at Makers have one of the best ambassador programs out there and this holiday season has proven no different. From their consistently classic branding, personal touch and quality marketing approach, to a well executed holiday package that is clever, on brand and just plain sweet, I am impressed. I mean, they gave me a hat for my bourbon. #nightcap #doubleentendre #awesome

Cheers all.






Alcohol Marketing Gem of the Week: Steinlager - Be the Artist, Not the Canvas

Any of you who have been to my humble abode know that I have an affinity for alcohol marketing. From social networking inspired by Patron and Maker's Mark's wit, to retro Guinness and Miller High Life ads, I commend the smarts thats sit behind the booze consumption push. That said, I just saw this still and motion awesomeness by Steinlager and I shall give them credit where credit is due. Touche boys - you've touched upon the sentimental, generation relevant art of chiefing and fused it with the artistically real person we all strive to be. Well played.

Watch the video below.

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You Know You Live In East Village If...

So San Diego is no concrete jungle in the grandest scheme of the phrase- but the East Village is a bubble to say the least.  If you live here, you get it. 1. The mention of having to drive somewhere to do something is an absolute deal breaker.

"You want me to drive somewhere?"

A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs

2. You rarely venture outside the 'triangle' - Basic, Boot, Bubs ... (yes, I just made that up. and yes, it's #trending)


2.5. And you walk into all of them like this...

3. And you never venture outside the 'hexagon' - think 'triangle' + Bang Bang, Bailiwick and Barley Mash (damn you South Paw for f***ing up my master alliteration plan)... unless, that is, if you're going to Fluxx. 


4. Your idea of going to the beach is laying by the pool at FIT. What? The beach doesn't have lounge chairs, quinoa wraps or guava kambucha.


5. Padres games have become an integral part of your existence. Whether you're at Petco sipping a craft brew, watching from the ICON or Legend Rooftop or listening intently from the FIT jcuzz... Go Pads.


6. You know - and - are on hug level with at least one bartender/bouncer at every bar in the 'triangle'.

"Heyyy you" --> Hug --> Line Cut.


7. You know the Good Time Design guys so well, that they now purchase your scotch of choice at South Paw.

"I got you, Jon." - John


8. Fireball. Shots. On Ice. #fireonice. Nuf said.


9. You're utterly shocked when your friend suggests going to Fluxx without a table. 

10. You look down when you walk because of what you might find. Especially north of F on 7th.

11. Noble Experiment. You've talked about it like you've been there... but you haven't.

12. Convention Center Stairs. You've done them. Vowed to do them weekly. And haven't been since.

3773730477_55cb712565_oScreen Shot 2013-09-24 at 11.09.00 AM

13. You didn't used to Sunday Funday... but now you do.

14. You're a proud member of the Andre yoga cult - and find  Lo Ka - Samasta - Sukhino - Bhavantu stuck in your head... a lot. You also are always very aware of what time it is... and where you are. #here #now.
... and you get a kick out of this.
15. This is most likely the last stop of your night... along with a wobbly line out the door of other drunken vagrants - much like yourself.
16.  A “quiet Thursday” night of Happy Hour and early to bed ends up with bottles and berry laden champ at Fluxx... and you have no idea how.
Girl 1 Thoughts: Look hot
Girl 2 Thoughts: Look hot
Brendan's Thoughts: My eyes feel hammered but this is awesome.
My Thoughts: Holy sh**- It's Thursday and I'm wearing yoga pants... at Fluxx.
Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 2.17.35 PM
And that's how you know you live in East Village. Have one I missed? Holla atcha girl.

Miley Cyrus: Tears Up.. In the Nude.. While Grinding a Wrecking Ball

Oh Miley. You’ve done it again. Part of me hates to write this quick pop trash update because it clearly is part of your publicist’s grandiose plan to keep you in the headlines- but I digress; when a former Disney princess strips down to ride a wrecking ball in the nude, a blog post must be written.

Miley Cyrus’ new song Wrecking Ball just came out and boy, are you in for a show. The edgily tatted pop star spotlights solo in her skivvies throughout this near 4 minute song. With glamour shots and tears galore, viewers get an up close and personal taste of Miss Miley seeing as she’s well, ass naked straddling a wrecking ball. Make no mistake, the nude wrecking ball scenes are classily cut up with a number of sledgehammer make outs, self ass grabs, at least 7 tears and a sprinkle of underboob.

Take a look at these super flattering screen grabs and expect this song to top the charts… tomorrow.

The video is also posted below for your enjoyment.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 10.56.07 AM Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 10.56.33 AM Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 10.56.56 AM


Monopoly Kills Jail and Iconic Iron Game Piece: World Cries

Now I realize I'm a bit of a 90s purist, but seriously Monopoly? You killed the iron? And you did it in February?? How was this not bigger news? It's like, and I mean EXACTLY like, when they stripped Pluto of its planet classification and I, for one, am miffed. The iron is as dead as a doornail. That's one thing. At least they used the word retired to make it sound respectful in some way. What, you ask, did they replace it with? A cat. No you did not hear me wrong. They replaced the however random but classic iron with a cat. I blame Youtube. That is all.


Cat rants aside, the reason for this blog post is to hit upon another point entirely. Monopoly is doing away with jail and just wait til you hear why. They're getting rid of um, the only obstacle in the game, because kids don't have time to go to jail while PLAYING A BOARD GAME. They. Don't. Have. Time. To. Roll. Doubles? I'll tell ya, I'm worried about Vegas come 20 years from now (street cred to #frobro).  They blame short attention spans of today's youth and instead of, I don't know, sending them outside with a stick and a juice box, they're conforming and making what is essentially Monopoly lite.


The entire premise of the game is different. In this, what they call Monopoly Empire version, players can buy and trade big brands like McDonalds, XBox and Coca-Cola instead of properties. Are you freaking kidding me? One of the game pieces is a mini XBox controller and I'd be shocked if others didn't include a Big Mac and a Coke can.

<insert future vision of  humans in wall-e here>


Between 2004 and 2009, Kaiser preformed a study that concluded child media consumption increased from 1.5 hours per day .... to 7.5. That is downright jaw dropping. That's an entire work day exclusively devoted to cartoon watching, tweeting and video games. Literally, that's longer than you spend at your desk on a daily basis.

As a marketer, I can appreciate a game based on branding. I would without question support a game called Brandland or Brandempire or anything... but it seems to me like Monopoly's selling out with negative motivations. The classic game that we all knew and loved, the classic game that stood for quality family and friend time, the classic game that taught you about money and rent and heck, even taxes, has sold out in favor of a dollar.

In the wide world of marketing, you have to evolve. Complacency kills the cat (pun intended) and I get it, old brands struggle through evolution. At the core though, Monopoly has always stood for something in my mind, and it seems that the mindset behind this drastic change is not on brand in the slightest.

The question I'd pose to Monopoly is this: Is the motivation behind this truly for the betterment and evolution of the brand or is it a hands in the air, scatterbrained attempt to keep up with the ever changing tech landscape?  I wish you the best Monopoly but, if I were you, I'd be careful what I throw in the towel for.

How Not to Be an Ugly American on Your Vacation in a Conflict Country

k-bigpic Props to B Rolfe for finding this gem on Jezebel. As I prep for a trip to Israel later this summer, I'll do my best to avoid wearing my RKPB (rape, kill, pillage, burn) Kappa tank  and  preforming the associated chant. Wish me luck. 

As posted on Jezebel:

You packed your sandals, several bikinis (with a sarong so you can blend into your exotic environment) and you've even Instagrammed several potential outfits, but then you hear the awful news: Your exotic travel destination just erupted with political protests and violent government crackdowns. Oh noes! But can you reschedule that spa appointment you have at that sacred temple?

"Ugly American" is a pejorative term assigned to those stereotypical Americans who carry an air of patriotic arrogance and selfish ignorance of other cultures while abroad. The worst kind are the ones who go to exotic nations hoping to get a gritty, real, developing world experience — all from the safety of their comfortably hotels with cable TV. These are the same people who will post on Facebook that they "saw the horrible living conditions."

xoJane just published a story by Nicole Rose Stillings called "It happened to me: I pretty much embodied the worst American stereotype ever when I went on vacation to Turkey in the middle of a revolution and mass rioting." Slow clap. At least she can admit it. In her piece, Stillings details her excitement in seeing "cultural struggle first-hand," drinking champagne before a hot air balloon ride, and most admirably searching for a pair of new pants in Istanbul right when protests began. She was completely naive and oblivious to the country's affairs.

If you find yourself in Stillings' position, about to head to a nation that is experiencing some kind of uprising or conflict, please do not do what she did. Here are some helpful tips you should follow to avoid being an ugly American while visit Turkey/Egypt/North Korea/Texas.

  • Do not take a selfie while using a protest as your background.
  • Do not wear your sorority or fraternity tanks, especially in Greece. Also, refrain from bursting out in random bro or sister chants such as "KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA" on the streets. Actually, don't do that in your home country, either.
  • Don't take pictures of people praying at a church or temple. They are not praying to be a tourist attraction. It is very rude.
  • Ditch your stupid Fodor's — you think that shit will tell you what squares to avoid while a protest for freedom and democracy is firing up the city?
  • If you happen to join a protest because you vehemently believe in the people's right to democracy, freedom, equality or whatever it is, please do not down a little "liquid courage" beforehand. Also do not use a cashmere scarf to cover your face so you can look like a "true" protester.
  • Do not ask locals where you can find the best drugs. Negative 1000 points if you ask for drugs in a city/country where violence is a direct result of drugs.
  • If Wolf Blitzer approaches you to provide a detailed account of a protest, reject him. Just because you saw something happening two hours ago and you can speak English does not qualify you as a competent reporter. Go home.
  • Do not arrogantly think you can start a revolution in the country you are visiting by wearing a Che Guevara shirt (or no shirt at all).
  • Just because a country has a nice beach does not make it your Cancun. Please refrain from taking excessive tequila shots and boastfully running around the beach like you're on Spring Break. Also, stop shrieking in general.
  • Do not be Nicole Stillings.