3.1 | Intention + Playlist


It has been a minute fare blog readers - if any of you are still out there. Too much has happened for a recap - more on how we’ll address that later.

As some may know, I’ve been teaching yoga for a while now and since moving back to San Diego last March, now teach a few classes at Corepower.

What does this have to do with the neglected blog, you ask?

I set intentions weekly for myself and for my classes. I try to make them tangible, inspiring, fun, build on one another, be random - you get the idea. My students get to hear those intentions, connect with them, or not, and hear the music I throw at them weekly. Some of them have asked for links to playlists or have shared that the intention really resonated with them in some way. So I figured, why not challenge myself to put those intentions to words and put them to bed alongside the playlists they bunk with? So this is that. They may not be weekly, they may not live on this blog forever (more on that later too) but here’s to holding myself accountable, to hopefully drawing clearer lines from intention to intention, from class to class, and to hopefully someone outside the walls of the studio being inspired in some way. And to that we say, the mandatory, Namaste.

March 2019 | Intention

The subtle art of not giving a F. Care less about the stimuli around you. Care more about yourself from the inside. What makes you breathe freely? What makes you happy? What makes you tick?

Breath in all of those things. Make them take up space inside your body. Let something that no longer fits go. Breathe out that thing that no longer serves you.

How do you know what that thing is? In your mind’s eye, hold the people, things, feelings that make up the fabric of your life. Marie Kondo the s*** out of each one. Do they bring you joy? Pain? Stress? There are plenty of obligations that plague our daily lives - but there are even more unnecessary stressors we invite into our lives by choice shrouded by a feigned sense of requirement. Breath all the thing you have kept in - hold that breath at the top - find that thing you no longer need - and breath it out. Let. it. Go.

Channel that inner Elsa girl and get it gone.

First listen to Frozen, then jam on this.