You Know You're 29 When...

I've been 29 for a while now and - pause for calming breath - so far, the panic attacks have been kept to a minimum. As the last few moments of my societally defined youth tick quickly by, I got to thinking about how different this odd life period is from the previous a few short years ago. I can't pinpoint the exact moment when fireball shots and 2am dance parties morphed into Netflix binges and double digit dollar'd wine bottles. You'd think I'd remember such a drastic moment. Alas, here I am, sipping a fancy zin, aggressively pinning copper hexagon decor to my wedding palette pinboard, booking an 8am weekend morning workout - wondering how I got here. In honor of the countdown to 30 and my bewilderment of the passing of time, I thought I'd throw together a little listcicle. Now, I know not all of these will apply to everyone... but surely a few (especially if you're wedding planning) will resonate.

You know you're 29 when...

- You have to drink 2 liters of water daily just to feel normal.

- Food hangovers are real. Cost benefit analysis says no.

- You know what chiavari chairs are and care intimately about them.

-$15-$25 dollar bottles of wine. Only. 2 buck chuck, you're dead to me.

- Sleeping in? HA. Only when sober... when we wake up to be "productive".

- You're intimately familiar with every 'clean eating' trend - and have tried each one at least for 2.5 days.

- 2 beers feel like 6 in the morning. YUP.

- Doing new things is crack. A signature cocktail at a hot new bar, doing a hike before everyone knows about it, or crushing an Instagrammable craft = pure life validation.

- You know things about pregnancy you never thought you would...because your preg friends talk about actually nothing else.

- Deciding how much of your life you can - or should - DIY is a constant struggle.

- 24 year olds say new 'it' words... and you don't know what they mean.

- When a hot 22 year old young gives you the eyes...and you don't quite know what to say. But instead, you flash your ring and look awkwardly into the depths of your cocktail.

- Things don't always work like they used to... But it's ok because, sleep...and marriage.

There are some tough moments here in the land of late 20s...

Wedding planning is a manic battle, life's way more real, and sometimes there just aren't enough pinning hours in the day.

But worry not. Birthdays are rad.

And so too will our 30s.