You Are The Sum of Your Experiences - As Posted on Advertising Week

As posted on Advertising Week: It’s been a while since my last post and a helluva lot has happened. In the last quarter, I quit my ad agency job, packed up my San Diego apartment, moved to San Francisco sans job, attempted to find myself, jumped up in the air, hung out there for a while, and have just recently landed on the ground via a pretty sweet cloud ride. This post is not about the tangibles of what I did, how I landed a job, or any of that. It’s about openness, creativity, looking up, and starting to see your life in a fundamentally different way.

Context time. If you’re focused on one goal, one project, one task - you’re intent on it. You’re tunnel visioned. You put your head down and trudge through the snow, wind and rain to eventually reach your finish line. You do things the way you’ve always done them and get the things you’ve always got. What then, did you miss along the way? Was there someone or something on the side of the road that might have made you divert, pivot, or evolve? Guess what? You’ll never know.

I took my own advice and moved to San Francisco totally open. I had reached a point of life complacency and was in major need of a deviation to my norm. I wanted, nay- needed- to find my place in the sun… or fog as it turned out. My head down goal - was indeed, to lift my head up. My mission was to be open, to talk to everyone, to learn a ton, and to experience everything, no matter what. I had no idea what path any small turn would unveil, zero preconceived notions and only one life guideline: to work for/be part of a company/brand/product/startup that was working to improve upon something in some space that already existed. Vague right? I know - but that’s what it was so share it I will.

During this life hiatus as I grew to call it, I got to know my new city, met with lots of people- familiar and not, made connections I never could have expected and as such, took step one, which is often the hardest to take. Were there moments where the artist formerly known as myself left my mind drift to panic mode? Of course. There were a handful of days where I’d frantically click the LinkedIn apply button on repeat, sending my resume into a dark hole of online apps in a land far far away. I’d come out of it though - the dark place- pick my head back up again and dance on down the road. In talking to people and reconnecting with others, I picked up a few clients, a sales gigs, and even a production assistant gig, to name a few.  Each one served a purpose and led me somewhere that I wouldn’t have gone, to people I wouldn’t have met.

Things started to make sense. Connections between people, places, companies began to illuminate in seemingly disconnected hemispheres of my life. I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel - see something that what I wanted to be part of. A few almost-right opportunities came and went but then one surfaced and well- as they say, when you know, you know. A company working passionately to evolve the healthcare space in more ways than I can dream to explain in this blog post, showed up at my front door. They were looking for me as much as I them - and well, the rest is history. PokitDok is pretty much exactly what I hoped and dreamed of, and mind, you, in an industry I never would have expected. I am completely confident in saying that I would never have arrived where I am had steps 1-106 not happened exactly as they did. What’s the moral of the story? You as a person are the sum of your unique individual experiences- so HAVE THEM! Look up. Be open. Experience the world as if you have no idea what tomorrow will bring because, guess what - you don’t.

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