i consider myself…

…a ‘marketer’ for the purposes of cocktail conversation, but what that means to many is not what it means to me.

My professional spidey sense leads me to early/mid stage companies. I work closely with them to build strong company, brand, and marketing foundations followed on by strategic growth plans upon which they can scale. I have worked with companies as a consultant or strategic sherpa, while others I’ve started, grown, and run their marketing teams.

I am attracted to and inspired by technology that helps people; products that entertain, delight, and stand for something. I love to harness company culture and set up guardrails to protect and grow it through growth. I dig process and believe company and people operations are fundamental to success. I’m frustrated by inefficiency and am thrilled to optimize wherever possible.

I teach yoga and write about it from time to time. I’m also trying my hand at abstract art, thinking about starting a podcast, and about 1000 other ideas we can talk about over coffee.

Questions? Want to bounce an idea around? Happy to talk, flow, or help however I can.