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From technology and community building, to hand stands and wild world travel, I'm passionate about optimization, discovery, and creativity in the grandest senses of the words.

I currently run the marketing team at Questis, a financial wellness technology company that allows advisors and financial service providers to easily deliver personalized financial wellness programs to their plan sponsors and participants. More on that here.

I consult when my spidey sense tingles or when a friend needs a helping hand. I teach yoga, still get nervous, and love it. Have questions? Connect any way you like on the right.


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because tech is more fun through rosé colored glasses

find yourself nodding dumbly as your kids and colleagues babble on about things you think you should know... but have no idea? enjoy a good glass o' vin and a fragrant cheese plate?

 If so, this is for you.

Tech talk through rosé colored glasses are classes that explore lessons every mom and dad of a millennial, every Boomer and GenXer wants to know - but is too afraid -or doesn't know how- to Google. With customized lesson plans determined by you for you before class, you crew of 4-6 will enjoy a wine and cheese social set against an entertaining, educational, keep up with the kiddos backdrop. 

These sessions are meant to be fun, informative, and targeted so that you can learn whatever you've always wondered in the buzzed comfort of your own home.

Lesson plan inspirations include but are not limited to:

  • Facebook Basics - What You Need to Know to Keep Up
  • The Art of Instagram: Selfies, Stories, & More
  • Side Hustles: The Retirees Guide to Making Pocket Change
  • Twitter - Huh?
  • Google: More Than a Search Engine — Organize Your Life with GSuite
  • How to Copy and Paste - & Other Things You Should Already Know
  • Email Tips and Tricks for the Hunt & Peck Typer
  • Amazon - A Life Changing Guide for Beginners
  • Millennials - I Don’t Understand 'Em- Help!
  • How to Make a House, a Smart Home
  • Oy Vey - My 2 Year Old Grandkid Is More Tech Savvy Than I Am
  • Make My Phone Play Music... Please
who knew i could learn how to copy, paste, and gram in 2 2/3 chardonnays? i am now officially hip and cool.
— my mom

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